Argument type(s) for function


I am solving macro mdoel and got the following error message.

–error 246
function not defined for given argument type(s)
Check arguments or define function %s_strcat for overloading
at line 10 of function mputl called by :
line 3 of function dyn_disp called by :
line 194 of function simk called by :
line 33 of function simul called by :
line 155 of exec file called by :
line 20 of function dynare called by :
dynare GEM52.mod

Are there problems in some arguments of functions, or in my model itself?
GEM52.mod (2.79 KB)

Dear Koji,

which version of Scilab are you using?



Dear Michel,

I am using Scilab-4.0.

We noticed that you are using expression like

in the INITVAL block. It isn’t permitted to use lead or lagged value of a variable in the INITVAL block.

Did you succeed in running Dynare under Scilab v. 4 with a simpler model?



Thank you for your suggestion (and sorry for my late response).
I dropped (+1) from initval block.
And I also found some mistakes in my model. Now it works.