Are there methods to enter the steady state other than using the initval commands

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I’ve learn using the initval commands to enter the steady state even if the steady state is calculated on my own, while today I found a replication code using the form #zz to introduce the steady state. I’m really confused about how it work. Is the “#” form an another way to introduce the steady state?fbc1.mod (10.6 KB)
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Dear Catherine,

That is simply the way Iacoviello uses to introduce the steady-state levels of the variables as model-local variables in the model. For instance, since the external portfolio adjustment costs and capital adjustment costs that feature in his model depend on the deviation from the steady-state levels of deposits, loans, and capital stock, he analytically derives the level of these variables in steady-state and introduces them in the model via model-local variables (i.e. using the \# sign) to be able to compute the adjustment costs in the dynamics. :slight_smile:

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You also might want to refer to

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Thank you so much for your detailed and accurate explanation. Now I can understand each part of the code. Thanks again, and have a good day.

That is exactly a perfect material for me to have a better understanding of dynare!! Thank you for your help. :smile: