Application of DSGE modeling

Dear all,

I would like to know if there are other fields than macroeconomy(for example Natural science) where one might apply a DSGE model. If possible, could you suggest some literature?

Thank you.

Maybe someone else has a good idea, but the concept of general equilibrium seems to be very particular to macroeconomics. If you consider DSGE by synonymous with rational expectations modeling that would narrow the appeal even further.
If you only consider DSGE as being equivalent to structural modeling or consider the state-space form typically resulting from DSGE models, things look somewhat different.
What most often reminds me of the type of macroeconomic modeling is the Dynamic Causal Modeling (DCM) of Karl Friston in neuroscience.

How do applied macro researchers use DSGE models? Like calibrate/estimate a well-known model for some economy or group of economies and use it to study whatever phenomenon you want to study, maybe optimal policies, or conduct counterfactual policy analysis, yeah? I heard referees are not interested in this kind of research. How true is that? Maybe someone knows where the research frontier is regarding using DSGE in applied macro…would be glad to hear it.