Analyzing the effects of unanticipated inflation

Dear Dynare developers, I am working with MIU model in which deposits, dt, in time period t by households are made before shocks (monetary, TFP etc.) are realized. But other variables consumption, ct, labor supply, nt, money holding , mt+1, etc. are chosen after these shocks are realized. Thus the first order condition for dt involves conditioning its choice on information set available at the end of period t-1 (E(t-1) 1/ct = beta E(t-1) 1/ct+1 RDt+1), where E(t) is expectation conditional on time t (after shocks) information set. But first order conditions for investment etc. involve terms such as E(t) 1/ct+1. I know how to write E(t)1/ct+1 in Dynare (1/c(+1)). But I am confused about how do I write E(t-1)1/ct in Dynare. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alok

See e.g.