An error in coding with many 'varexo_det's

I made a mod file( : ccg.mod ) containing three exo. deterministic variables( : varexo_det cpb q ct; )

After runnig the mod file, dynare returned an error message and

I found an error in the ccg.m file( which is made by dynare).

M_.exo_det_names = ‘cpb’;
M_.exo_det_names_tex = ‘’;
M_.exo_det_names = srtvcat(M_.exo_det_names, ‘q’);
M_.exo_det_names_tex = strvcat(M_.exo_det_names_tex, ‘’);

I think this is a typo of ‘strvcat’ and needs to be fixed.


Thanks for reporting this. It will be fixed in Dynare 4.0.3.