AG 2007 GMM Estimation of Parameters

I’m trying to replicate the model in AG (2007) JPE paper. I found the codes in but I’m not able to understand if the codes replicate table 4 (Estimated Parameters) of the published paper.
As the paper mentions about matching with empirical moments and estimating the parameters with GMM so, I’m looking for codes to construct the columns in table 4.

@jpfeifer Hi Professor,
I was trying to replicate the GMM/SMM moment matching part of AG 2007 paper in Dynare. After going through the discussions in the forum on this topic I looked at your codes for Born_Pfeifer_2014. Since I’m interested in the estimation of moments by minimizing squared deviations of simulated moments from empirical moments so I shortened the codes according to my need. But I’m not sure if I’ve included all the necessary codes and also excluded all the unnecessary ones as I’m not able to figure out where I can find the new estimated moments. I really am looking forward for some assistance from you. Thank you.FGRU_rep.mod (11.9 KB)