Add series and not run


Hello everyone,

I added a new series, at the same time I try run the model does not converge, what should I do? The series is (12.9 KB)

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Again your observation equations are wrong. You did not correctly handle trends and means to make the empirical data and the matched model variables consistent.


Thank you teacher!
I tried to do what you suggested in the HP filter and deseasonalization of the series, but it did not work. What can I do more?

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The data you provided is clearly not filtered. It still has a mean very different from 0


Hello Dynare users.
I would like to request your help in encoding the HP filter, because I tried it several times and it did not run. can anybody help me?

Thank you very much.

The message that opens is: Error using tabular/plot (line 151)
There is no plot method for the ‘table’ class. Plot the variables in a table using dot or brace subscripting.
Error in hp_filter12 (line 28)
plot (data_r_bw);

dadoscompletos1.mat (4.4 KB)
hp_filter12.m (5.3 KB)


If you are working with Matlab tables, you need to hand over the data to the filter function, not the whole table. For example:

hp_r_bw=hpfilter(data_r_bw.r_bw, 1600);


Thanks professor!]
I solved my problem, but the series filtered not match the initial values.

what I can do more?