About Forecast of endogenous variable

I want to know How can I get the predicted value of an endogenous variable? Is there a specific statement or a normal output that contains this kind of value?
I want to get the results shown below.
Thanks a lot.

You need to provide more information. What type of model do you have? Is it estimated or calibrated? What data do you want to compare it to? What is the information set for the predictions?

Thank you very much for all your helpful feedback! My model is a calibration model,I made an equation for a mixed quantity and price-based monetary policy. I need to compare the difference between the model’s forecast for GDP in 2010-2018 and the country’s published GDP data. I tried to use ‘forecast;’ option at the end of the model,It defaults to a 500*1 result, and the mean of GDP is the same value. I am not sure this is the result I want.


My reply at How can I use filtered_vars options? also applies here.