A question about how to variance decomposition!

Hello~~Sorry I have a question again…

I want to ask how to get the posterior variance decomposition in percentage~

here is my code:
estimation(datafile=datayo2,nobs=100,first_obs=10,mh_replic=2000,mh_nblocks=2,mh_drop=0.45,mh_jscale= 0.8,mode_compute=4,bayesian_irf,forecast=10,moments_varendo)y ch I ce ke omn;

but the result in oo_.PosteriorTheoretical.dsge.variance decomposition is not percentage~
Should I need to do the percentage by myself ?

or I should use

estimation(datafile=datayo2,nobs=100,first_obs=10,mh_replic=2000,mh_nblocks=2,mh_drop=0.45,mh_jscale= 0.8,mode_compute=4,bayesian_irf,forecast=10,moments_varendo,)y ch I ce ke omn;
stoch_simul(period=2100, conditional_variance_decomposition=1)

:question: Thanks for everyone’s help!

Best regards YOYO

What do you mean with “It’s not in percentage”?

The first option will give you the mean/median variance decomposition while the second one will give you the decomposition at the mean/median. This is an important difference in terms of interpretation.

Thank you jpfeifer~!

I means for example the result from “moments_varendo”

I got consumption like :
ea =0.209

but the sum of these will not equal one(100%)~~Should I need to do the percentage by myself??

Thank you!

Dear jpfeifer~

Here my mod file, when I use


it’s OK~I can get the variance decomposition and conditional variance decomposition (in percent)

but in the estimate side

I use

estimation(datafile=ddyo2,nobs=40,first_obs=50,mh_replic=2000,mh_nblocks=2,mh_drop=0.45,mh_jscale= 0.8,mode_compute=4,bayesian_irf, moments_varendo,conditional_variance_decomposition=1)y ch I o eps q ce ke omn;

but I get error…,but if I don’t put “conditional_variance_decomposition=1” in the estimation

I don’t get error but the variance decomposition in oo_.Posterior…isn’t in percent.

Sorry , my English is really poor …, but I really need your help ~
Thank you

Best Regards YOYO

{??? Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Error in ==> conditional_variance_decomposition_mc_analysis at 66
tmp(i1:i2,:slight_smile: =

Error in ==> posterior_analysis>job at 78
oo_ =
ddyo2.m (11.1 KB)
yoyo2.mod (4.84 KB)