A new problem “The Jacobian contains NaNs”

Hello Professor, I simplified my model and I think I have solved the problem about steady-state values, but new problems have arisen. Dynare had an error message like this, The Jacobian contains NaNs.I don’t know what that means, how I should correct it next. I would appreciate it if you could give me some guidance
nokg.mod (3.9 KB)

You can verify that your steady state for g, ig and so on are not equal to g_ss etc but to 0. The problem is


where you multiply by a shock that is 0 in steady state. It should be


Thank you for your guidance, I will try it

Hello professor, I corrected my code according to your method and successfully drew the irf, but why is trend of c1 and c2 exactly the same?I clearly distinguish between two types of families

Without the new file it is impossible to tell.

nokg524.mod (4.0 KB)
Sorry I forgot to upload the file, this is my code file,why is trend of c1 and c2 exactly the same?I have distinguished two types of families,I am looking forward to your reply and guidance,thank you

But what distinguishes the two? It seems for most shocks, the two are perfectly symmetric.

I distinguished between high-income and low-income families. Among them, low-income households do not participate in the capital markets and do not buy government bonds.Is there anything wrong with my assumptions?

But both have the same steady state level of consumption. So there is no difference in income.

So how should I set it up to make the two families different?The constraints I set for these two types of families are different, why is this happening, and how should I adjust