3 same versions and 3 different answer! how find ss

Hi everybody,
I am new in Dynare. I am coding a DSGE for a macro model. I wrote 3 versions for my problem (the simple one, exp one, and liner one) as you can see in attachments. But no one works and suprizingly each of them has different answer! what is the problem.
Another question is how I can write externally some codes to find steady state. (please see exam4). But it seems this way is totally wrong and there is another easier way to write the codes to find the steady state. May I ask you to help me.
Thank a lot!
exam4.m (800 Bytes)
lucasline2.mod (3.41 KB)
lucasexp.mod (3.13 KB)
lucas2.mod (2.67 KB)

That means your mod-files must be wrong. For linearized models, you need to provide steady state values for the original variables while your model variables, which are percentage deviations from steady state have a 0 steady state be definition. In contrast, the nonlinear model has the original variables as the model variables. Their steady state values are identical to the ones used for parameterizing the linearized model. If not you are making a mistake.

Regarding the exp()-version: its steady state values must be the ones of the non-exp()-version logged. If this is not the case, you made a mistake in translating the model into the exp()-form