1000 simulations


This is for an assignment for my university. I must run a model in Dynare and then save the variances of the endogenous variables (output gap, inflation and interest rate; YY, INF, II, respectively, in the attached file). I must do it 1000 times changing the parameter “theta_inf_min”, and the plot the relationships between the variance of inflation and the variance of output gap, and then variance of inflation and the variance of the interest rate.

My problem is that I’was trying to save all the variances in a matrix, but every time dynare is run, that matrix (and every other object) are cleared. After I ran Dynare, I found an m-file that it’s automatically created which have a “clear all” command tha clears the matrix I created. How can I disable that “clear all” command? I have been trying to find it, but I couldn’t.

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Liu Mendoza

Pd. I apologize about my English; I’m from Peru, so I speak Spanish.
preg6parteb.mod (1.57 KB)

Put the “noclearall” option on the Dynare command line, as documented in the reference manual:

For example:

dynare mymodel.mod noclearall


Thank you very much.
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Liu Mendoza