Time convention

Hello! I’m faced the issue of time convention, but not sure how to solve it correctly (I made several trials, but the results of model were very weird). Can you help me?
h_2.mod (2.9 KB)

It’s most probably due to the two bonds. The issue may be similar to Timing of capital in two sector economy

I have tried to do as in the link, but it did not help. Can you help me with it?
Maybe the problem with “lambah”? @jpfeifer

Could it be that you are missing

predetermined_variables B Bff;

Thank you!!! It started to work. But there is another issue.For example, there is a positive foreign interest rate shock, the impulse response function shows that there is a fall in real exchange rate (when it should a rise), while when there is a positive shock of the non-residents holding of domestic bonds, there is a rise in real exchange rate (when it should decline). So, I’m wondering whether my model is incorrect or there is something with a dynare code. I will be very glad if you help me to find out the problem @jpfeifer

Sorry, I can provide Dynare advice, but it’s impossible to do detailed debugging of all the mod-file appearing in the forum.