The steady state has NaNs or Inf

Dear all:
I don’t know where the error is.I guss ,in my equation 22 , Yh contains CG, CG coefficient is random, tauhH is exogenous, also contains random shock.Yh, τauH. There are two shocks multiplied, and there may be a problem here.

model2.mod (6.3 KB)

The error message is as follows.
错误使用 print_info (line 32)
The steady state has NaNs or Inf.
出错 steady (line 102)
print_info(info,options_.noprint, options_);
出错 model2.driver (line 722)
出错 dynare (line 293)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;

Thanks in advance for some answer.

The problem is


You are using Gss before it is known.

as well as

Dear professor,thank you very much for your detail reply, So nice are you.Your answer helped me a lot.I have solved the steady-state problem according to your guidance and advice, but now I have a new problem.
model6_13.mod (6.3 KB)

The running result of the code I adjusted is as follows:
for 8 forward-looking variable(s)
The rank condition ISN’T verified!

错误使用 print_info (line 32)
Blanchard & Kahn conditions are not satisfied: no stable equilibrium.
出错 stoch_simul (line 103)
print_info(info, options_.noprint, options_);
出错 model3.driver (line 742)
[info, oo_, options_, M_] = stoch_simul(M_, options_, oo_, var_list_);
出错 dynare (line 293)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;

This may be a question about DSGE theory and not easy to answer. I am looking forward to your recommendation of relevant books and papers.Thank you for your reply in spite of your busy schedule. Since I am a graduate student with superficial knowledge, the question I asked may be relatively low-level.I hope you don’t mind my trivial question.I will also try my best to browse the forums and relevant books to solve this problem.

model_diagnostics reveals:

MODEL_DIAGNOSTICS:  The Jacobian of the static model is singular
MODEL_DIAGNOSTICS:  there is 1 colinear relationships between the variables and the equations
Colinear variables:

Maybe that is part of the problem. Could it be that some normalization/numeraire is missing?

Dear professor
I’ve solved my problem.The problem was that I had set the steady state value of ksi to 0.7(ksiss=0.7), and I just changed it to 1(ksiss=1) and it worked. Although I don’t fully understand why, * The present problem has been solved for the time being.Thank you very much. Without your careful guidance, I could not have solved this problem so quickly. This problem has been bothering me for a long time and has become an obstacle for me to learn DSGE.I am very touched by your careful help to me who is unknown to me. I will try my best to help others when I have the ability in the future.
model3.mod (6.3 KB)