Steadystate file did not compute the steady state

halfmodel.mod (18.7 KB)
I’m a dynare beginner, so I can’t solve the dynare problem for a long time. thanks very much for your help.

in your mod-file to see the problematic equations

Thx, Prof., I’m trying to check out it.

copy_policy.mod (8.3 KB)
Dear Prof.
I’ve another question, the mod_file doesn’t satisfy the Blanchard’s condition. what’s wrong with it?

Most probably, you need to have a look at

the last question has been solved. Now, I can’t set a proper model equation for policy rule of mixed monetary policy including quantity and rate.
Looking forward to your help!copy_4policy.mod (8.4 KB)

Hi, Prof.
I’ve struggled for a long time for the steady_state file. Can you help me?copy_5policy.mod (16.9 KB)

Dynare clearly shows you which equations are not solved. Either these equations are wrong or your steady state computations. Given that you have more than 100 equations in your model, maybe you should start with a simplified version.