Replication of "Countercyclical Capital Regulation in a Small Open Economy DSGE Model" of Matija Lozej, Luca Onorante, and Ansgar Rannenberg

For my master thesis I’m trying to replicate the DSGE model written in the topic from this paper:

I’m using dynare on matlab but I started using it recently, is something difficult and how much time I need to finish it properly?
And how I have to write the code, I have to write on matlab every equation in the paper to have a full replication?
Thank you in advance for your answer!

That depends on your background. If you have not worked with DSGE models before, then I would plan with at least 6 months. You will also need proper supervision, i.e. someone to turn to in case you encounter problems. If that is not assured, I would not try to do this.