Ramsey steady state, user specified except multipliers

Dear Dynare Team: I have a related question.
I want to obtain the values of the Lagrange multipliers for a Ramsey problem, for which I know the Ramsey steady state values of the (original) model variables. It should be a simple linear problem for Dynare to find the Lagrange multipliers, but for some reason it diverges when starting from (arbitrary) values close to zero for the multipliers. I think Dynare also searches for the original variables values, interpreting what I feed it as initial guesses only. Is there a way I can tell Dynare that what I am supplying is the actual Ramsey steady state, and ask it to “only” solve for the multipliers that go with it?

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Usually, that is done by specifying a conditional steady state file. Given values for the instruments, you provide the steady states for private sector equilibrium. See the Ramsey_steady_file.mod at examples · master · Dynare / dynare · GitLab