Promblems in starting DYNARE 4.3.3

Hello everyone,

This is my first post in this community. I am very new to DYNARE but desperate to learn this great tool.

Unfortunately, when I click on the DYNARE excution file, I just got a black prompt window that immediately disappears although my installation seems to be fine. I followed the instruction and typed “addpath c:\dynare\4.3.3” in my MATLAB window. The version of my MATLAB is a R2014b.

Oh, the OS of my labtop is Windows 8 (terrible innovation, I think…)

How can I fix this problem?

Many thanks to all in advance. Glad to join all of you.

Beginner from SEOUL, Korea

You need to invoke Dynare from within Matlab or Dynare. See e.g. [How to run a '.mod' file?)

Thank you so much for your help. Now I am reading the posts that you recommeded.


I have checked the Dynare Reference manual (Some Words of Warning), which says
"You have to manually add the matlab subdirectory, and Dynare will automatically add a few other subdirectories at runtime (depending on your configuration)."

Then, I typed “addpath C:\dynare\4.3.3.\matlab” in the command widow of MATLAB. But, it still did not work. Am I wrong? Sorry, I am a kind of comupter illiterate…

JS in a big concern with the DYNARE

As my post says: Set a path in Matlab to the dynare\matlab subfolder. This is what you outline above. Then set the Matlab Active Path to the folder where your mod-file is stored. Then type into the Matlab command window:

If this results in an error in Matlab, post what the message is.

I have located Gali2008_chapter3.MOD (your kindly provided example file) in C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\bin.

That is, I have **C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\bin\Gali2008_chapter3.MOD **and then typed " dynare Gali2008_chapter3.MOD " in the MATLAB command.

But, it did not work, and I got the message, " function dynare is not defined or something" (unfortunately my MATLAB operates in Korean language, so this is my best translation for now…)


But apparently you did not use

at the start of your Matlab session (or wherever you installed Dynare). Note also that it is not recommended to save mod-files in the Matlab installation folder. You may not have the required file system permissions there.

Now, I have typed the followings in the MATLAB command window.

addpath(‘C:\Program Files\Dynare\4.3.3\matlab’)

Fortunately, I got no error message and am able to open the Gali2008_chapter3.MOD file in the editing window.
(I have saved the MOD file in a separate folder NOT in the MATLAB folder as you suggested)

Now, how can I run the MOD file?

In the mean time, I do not know why I still cannot run the dynare++.execution file.

Again, I appreciate your patient and kind explanation.

JS in Korea

Somehow, I got the following message from the MATLAB command window :

dynare e:\memorive_1\Mydropbox\research\dynare\Gali2008_chapter3.mod

Configuring Dynare …
[mex] Generalized QZ.
[mex] Sylvester equation solution.
[mex] Kronecker products.
[mex] Sparse kronecker products.
[mex] Local state space iteration (second order).
[mex] Bytecode evaluation.
[mex] k-order perturbation solver.
[mex] k-order solution simulation.
[mex] Quasi Monte-Carlo sequence (Sobol).
[mex] Markov Switching SBVAR.

Starting Dynare (version 4.3.3).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
Found 15 equation(s).
Evaluating expressions…done
Computing static model derivatives:

  • order 1
    Computing dynamic model derivatives:
  • order 1
    Processing outputs …done
    Preprocessing completed.
    Starting MATLAB/Octave computing.

dynare (line 120)
오류: 예기치 않은 MATLAB 연산자입니다.
=> my translation is (Error: Unexpected MATLAB operator)

Huhh, now I feel much better^^ since I got some minimum progress.

Then what is going on here?

JS from Korea

You need to listen carefully. I never told you to use Dynare on the full path of the mod-file!

I told you to

  1. set the path to Dynare using

That seems to work now.

  1. I told you to next set the active folder to the one where you stored your mod-file. This should be something like
  1. Then you type

You did not do parts 2 and 3.

Dear Prof. Pfeifer

First, I am terribly sorry for not understanding your tips… I have been just a clicker for computer stuff too long time.
(Frankly speaking, I have no idea about the part 2 with cd command)
Now I got some beautiful outcome from the Gali 2008 mod file!!!

I deeply appreciate your big help with kindness.

All the Best
Jeongseok Song