Problems about Bayesian and MCMC estimation

Thanks a lot, I have fixed the parameters. And yes, I have tried the examples. For fs2000 and fs2000a, I can get estimates and figures, but I got error messages for example1 and example2 in example file.
*for example1, messagess are:


Number of variables: 6
Number of stochastic shocks: 2
Number of state variables: 3
Number of jumpers: 3
Number of static variables: 1
Error using table (line 281)
Wrong number of arguments.

Error in stoch_simul (line 71)

Error in example1 (line 110)

Error in dynare (line 26)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Caused by:
You may have intended to create a table with one row from one or more variables that are
character strings. Consider using cell arrays of strings rather than character arrays.
Alternatively, create a cell array with one row, and convert that to a table using CELL2TABLE.

*For example2, error messages are:

Error using dynare (line 19)
DYNARE: could not open example.mod

*And also I found some examples in the forum, in which those users said they are able to get results or figures. But I can’t run the mod files they shared. for example when I ran the mod (I also attached it)from Help with declaring model local variables , again I got the same error:

Error using dynare (line 19)
syntax error at line 261

*But that poster said he was able to get estimates. So maybe it arises from the dynare version? My dynare file name is dynare_v3. (563 KB)