Problem with the conditional_forecast in dynare 4.5.7

Hello, i’m trying to make a conditional forecast, with the command, conditional_paths in dynare 4.5.7, but when i condition only the fist period y get the following mistake:

Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 1).
Error in imcforecast (line 285)
**,:))) =**
** [tmp(t1,:)’ ,tmp(t2,:)’ ]’;**

This mistake only appears when i try to condition in the first period, it work just fine with the second, third or when i do it with more than one periods.
This is the code that i`m using:

var rfr_obs;
periods 1;
values 0.001;
conditional_forecast(parameter_set = posterior_mode, controlled_varexo = (sh_rfr),
replic = 3000);

With an older version of dynare this code works.

I can confirm this to be a Dynare bug. I will post a link to a solution soon.

Thanks profesor Pfeifer.

Hi, a solution is at