Hi, this is my deterministic model with rigid wages. I compute government purchase impact multipliers on GDP, hours worked and consumption (gmult, hmult, cmult, lines 127-129). I would like to generate the following plots:
1)Using a FOR loop, I should plot the impact multipliers as a function of the wage adjustment parameter, phi_l. The complication is that whenever I change phi_l, I also have to change the size of the discount factor shock and the value of another parameter, theta, in order to achieve a certain target. Any hint ?

2)The second plot requires putting together two models. How can I do this ?


  1. Looping over parameters per se is discussed in [Loop over parameters). To take care of parameter dependence of the type you describe, I would recommend using a steady state file. Depending on a value of phi_l, you can set the other parameters in every iteration (see the NK_baseline.mod in the Dynare examples folder. There, the labor disutility parameter is set to achieve labor in steady state to be 0.33)

  2. See [Q: combining IRFs into subplotted figures & iterating?)

The structure oo_.irfs seems to exist only for stochastic models. Mine is deterministic.

In that case, the results are stored in

I’m not sure what you mean by using a steady_state file, but I have to set a shock and values of parameters so as to reproduce some targets on impact. How can I compute impact multipliers if I use values at the steady state ?

In that case, you need a nested internal loop that solves for the endogenous parameters to hit your target.

Hi, I already have subplots for two deterministic models and I’d like to combine them. It’s not clear to me what I have to write after

[code]dynare model1.mod
load(‘model1_results.mat’, ‘oo_’)
save transition1

dynare model2.mod
load(‘model2_results.mat’, ‘oo_’)
save transition2

load transition1
load transition2

I am not sure I understand what you are trying. But you should load the files in functional forms to make sure you do not overwrite the previously loaded ones. Something like



For example, in the posted file, from line 195 you can find subplots. In another model, I have the same subplots, but with different parameters values. What is the procedure to combine them, so that I see two dynamics for each subplot ?

The other model has a different equation, that’s why I can’t do the plots in the same file.