Notation of steady-state variables

Oh, so it is the same as the percentage sign (%).

Another question: the corrected file, that I receive from Mr Röhe included a shock variable z in one of the equations in the SS model block. Does this mean that I should write shocks x, a, e, z, v in the other equations too, instead of ignoring them, because I assume they are 1?
Model_OR.mod (3.3 KB)

You cannot “ignore” them. Any variable you do not explicitly specify will be assumed to have a steady state of 0. Note that the shocks are the varexo. You are talking about endogenous objects.

Okay, so I should write shocks in the steady state model block? For example, equation


will be written


even if e is already determined to be 1 (not zero because my shocks are in logs) in the beginning of the steady state model block (I get the same results regardless if I write e or not, so I am asking mainly because I want to write the file in a right way)?
Model_OR.mod (3.3 KB)

If it’s set to 1, there is strictly speaking no need to carry it around. But I would always recommend to keep the e in there, because you never know whether you will later on change that value. In that case, it will be hassle to add it again after initially dropping it.

Perfect, thank you.