Non-convergence to the steady state

Dear Johannes, thank you for your reply, you´re alwas very helpfull.

After cheking the unit roots in my model and reading the different posts refering to the recurrent concerns about this topic

a second question derives… In terms of give a policy recomendation (acording to the IRFs) I can say that, given a shock in my stochastic varible (in this case oil revenues),*the response of the varible of interest ( in this case the government oil savings) sould be a permanent deviation (from the old steady state) to the new level indicated by the IRF. BUT! t**his is not a new value of steady state for the variable of interest *. This new level shown in the IRF could be one out of many posible levels of steady state.Is my understanding that everything is going to depend on the initial conditions. Am I rigth?

Thank you in advance.