IRF of monetary shock

Hi Prof. Pfeifer and to all,
I’m working on a regional dsge model. Variables and parameters with the index f refer to the rest of the country. Without this index - to the current region.
My problem is, when I look at the irf of xi_rf (the positive monetary shock in standard Taylor rule, rf- the nominal interest rate) , I would expect that when xi_rf rises C (consumption) and I (investment ) will fall. But the opposite is the case (they also rise).
PLEASE WHERE IS THE MISTAKE?? The zip file includes the mod, irf and
data files. I really appreciate any help you can provide. (34.8 KB)

I am afraid I cannot really help you here. You need to check your model again. Ideally, start from a simpler version and check where the “problem” comes from. There may actually be an economic reason for what you see. But you as the model builder are the only one who can judge that.

Dear Pfeifer,
Thanks for help!