Incoherent IRF's

Hello, I have tried to build a DSGE model featuring 2 consumers with government spending and lump sump taxes. Here is the mod file: lumpfinaltest.mod (3.5 KB) . Dynare finds exactly the steady states values I entered in the initval block. However I get inconsistent IRF’s:

A positive shock to the interest rate set by the central bank, a positive shock to government spending or a positive shock to lump sump taxes all produce a positive response of output.

Maybe the problem comes from my fiscal and taylor rules. They are written in the following way (variables without time subscript are steady state variables):


where B_t^g is government debt

I only allowed for the taxes to respond to movement of public debt because (please correct me if I’m wrong) I need only 1 fiscal instrument to respond to public debt to have the intertemporal government budget contraint not exploding.

%Taylor Rule
log(r_t+1) = (1-\rho_r)*log(r) + \rho_r*log(r_{t-1}+1) + (1-\rho_r)*\theta_{\pi}*log(\pi_t+1) + \sigma_r*\epsilon_r;

Is there someting wrong in my file ? Thank you.

That is indeed strange. My reply at