Help me how to learn DSGE model

Dear all,
I am a finance student currently working on a thesis for my masters course. I want to do a DSGE-based analysis for my country (Based on the model of John Barrdear and Michael Kumhof). However, the initial approach to the DSGE model was quite difficult because the relevant documents were scattered while the model was quite new to me.
For example, how to get mathematical formulas, how to estimate parameters or data in the model, or how to run the model…
Can you guide me how to make the initial approach easier and what materials to use?
Thanks very much!
Staff-Working-Paper-No.-605-The-macroeconomics-of-central-bank-issued-digital-currencies-John-Barrdear-and-Michael-Kumhof-July-2016.pdf (908.6 KB)

Here is my standard answer in such cases:

Students are not supposed to work on models that complicated without intense supervision. I have seen too many cases like this miserably fail. Most of the time, the goals set are too unrealistic given the prior training and the time frame envisioned.

The paper you have in mind is rather infamous for being extremely hard to replicate.


I am very grateful for your comment.
Best regards!