Grouping multiple shocks in historical decomposition

Hi all and sorry, if the problem has been already discussed here and I couldn’t find it.

I am estimating a large scale DSGE model and am interested in the effects of particular shocks on particular variables. However, I have nearly 50 shocks, which makes the historical decomposition graph looking quiete confusing. Is there a way to group multiple shocks, for example all domestic disturbances as one shock and let dynare display only the “net effect” of all of them in the graph? So that in the graph there would appear only a small number of shock out of the 50 that I am really interested in?

Thank you in advance!

Look at this topic maybe it could help

Thank you very much!

Is there also a simple method how to generate those graphs out of the “oo._shock_decomposition” data?

You can try to work directly with Dynare’s graph_decomp.m function but is also not easy.