Error using ==> irf Too many input arguments

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run the mod file below and I get the error message:

??? Error using ==> irf
Too many input arguments.

Error in ==> stoch_simul at 130
y=irf(oo_.dr,cs(M_.exo_names_orig_ord,i), options_.irf, options_.drop, …

Error in ==> CIA_Model_Walsh at 177
info = stoch_simul(var_list_);

Error in ==> dynare at 102
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

The mod-file itself is an CIA-example from the Walsh textbook (Monetary Theory and Policy-).

Thank you for you help,

CIA_Model_Walsh.mod (1.11 KB)

your mod-file runs without problems on my machine (irf=1, i.e. for one period makes no sense, though). I would advise you to check, if you installed Dynare correctly and in particular if the Dynare path has the highest priority in the Matlab paths. It might be that there is another function called irf that has a higher priority, e.g. from the econometrics toolbox.

Thank you, that was exactly my problem. I have saved my file in a separate Dynare folder, it worked after I saved the file in the folder where I originally installed Dynare.

Thank you for you help.


Thank you.

This worked for me: remove all paths relating to the econometric toolbox.