DSGE-VAR: simulated data and shock decomposition

We have finished our DSGE-VAR estimation and want to do shock decompositions and IRF based on DSGE-VAR instead of DSGE. Now we have two enquirers as follows,

  1. Can we use the posterior mean/mode to simulate the model in a seperate dynare mod file to get the simulated data and shock decomposition data? If so, how would the DSGE-VAR weight, lamda, be reflected in this simulation?
  2. This question may be linked with the above one. When we finished the DSGE-VAR estimation, inside the oo_.PosteriorIRF there are dsge and bvardsge IRF data. How are they calculated? Can we do it manually?

Using the unstable version (future version 4.5), all objects you need to compute these things should be saved. See [Comparing IRFs of DSGE and DSGE-VAR in dynare)