Code not working after updating Dynare to 4.6.0

Hello everybody,

Today, I updated dynare from 4.5.1. to 4.6.0.
Once done, my mod-file stopped running correctly. The error I get is that the steady state is not computed due to “Too many input arguments”.
I reinstalled the previous version to go on working but, how could I solve the problem?
Thank you!


I suppose you are using a steady state file. You need to adapt this routine for 4.6.0 (we changed the interface of the routine for efficiency reasons). All this is explained here:



Many thanks, Stéphane.

Following on this. How do I take the parameter values now if have another function to be solved in the external SS file since M_ is not global anymore?

M_ is not global anymore, but it is a function input. So outside of the header, nothing changes. Of course, if M_ was used as a global variable in the function to be solved, then you need to adjust that function as well to accept M_ as an input.

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