Can't work with third order

That is strange. Now it crashes in a different step.I am attaching my dll. Try backing up yours and replacing it by mine. (290.8 KB)

No luck. (1.0 KB)

Regarding OSX, I did not try with the official package distributed on but your file runs fine if you install Dynare with Homebrew. Assuming Homebrew is correctly installed, you just have to do:

~$ brew install dynare --with-matlab=/Applications/ --with-matlab-version=R2016b

in a terminal to install the latest stable version of Dynare. More details are provided here.


I have just opened issue #1492 on Github. I can reproduce the problem with the official OS X package for 4.5.1, it is probably an issue with your build system. The only temporary fix is to install Dynare with Homebrew.

Thank you, @stepan-a!

@tlin the macOS installer package has been updated. You should now be able to use it to run k_order. If you install it and encounter the same issue, please try installing from here: (sometimes browsers cache downloads and won’t recognize that the package has changed)

Thank you, @HoutanBastani, for the update!

Hi,everyone, I’m sorry to reply so late.I didn’t resolve the problem yet. before I had tried to use software to solve it but didn’t get any positive results.Thank you again for your warm and helpful answers!

@tlin @tianyuwuhe Could you also please try my suggestion of using the Dynare 4.4.3 mex-file with Dynare 4.5.1 at

@jpfeifer replacing the mex file with what you have provided seems to allow Dynare to continue past the error.

Does this imply I will have full functionality of 4.5.1? Or does the 4.4.3 mex file provides a different set of functionality?

@tlin There should be no difference in functionality. So you can safely use 4.5.1 with the 4.4.3 mex-files

The issue with third order should be fixed in the last release (4.5.2). See Release of Dynare 4.5.2.