Blanchard Kahn conditions fails in a two-sector & two types of agents model

Dear all!
I’m currently working on a model. Dynare can report the steady state results, but the Blanchard Kahn conditions fails. Ive checked the timing, but I’m not sure whether something else is wrong.
Below is the mod file of my model.

Note related:

  1. EM is carbon emissions produced by YC(C production sector). Q refers to the general environmental quality. QW & QK refer to environmental quality of workers or capitalists, decreasing with purchase of xW or xK.
  2. xW xK cW cK represents consumption of c & x for workers and capitalists. p is the relative price of x to c.

Thank you in advance!

extend0213.mod (3.0 KB)

It most probably has to do with your timing for capital and the two-sector structure. See