X-13 ARIMA-SEATS with Dynare

Hi everyone,
I’m working on the data preparation for DSGE estimation and am stuck with the seasonal adjustment procedure with Dynare. I got exactly the same data as the original one with the following code. Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

load DSGE_VN;

Can you provide the data and mod-file?

Hi professor,
Thank for feedback. Please kindly find the attached files for data and mod file.

DSGE_VN.mat (1.5 KB)
SEAX13.m (309 Bytes)

Hi Professor,
Please help me dealing this issue. Thank you so much!

The result should be in o.results.d11

I found the folder o.results.d11, but I don’t know why I can not open that folder. I suspect that the problem comes from my code.

What do you want to do with the data?

I want to make seasonal adjustments before doing DSGE estimation.

But then you should be able to pass the dseries in the results to the estimation-command.

You mean we can integrate dseries into the estimation command instead of doing separately?

Try to follow the logic of tests/dates/fs2000.mod · master · Dynare / dynare · GitLab

Great help (as always). Thanks Prof.