Working with large macroeconomic models

Dear friends,

I am currently using Dynare for Matlab to solve the deterministic solution for a large macroeconomic model (i.e. 32 endogenous variables :open_mouth: ). Unfortunatelly, the actual method described in the manual for input of historical and initial values does not seem to be very helpful, since, every month, I need to update all values.
Is there an easier way to input these values for simulation? I tried input as a single matrix (using the “import data” command in Matlab), but it does not really worked very well…
Thanks for any suggestion.


Dear Angelo,

Can you show me how your initval and histval statement currently look like?

Would reading an Excel file be an attractive alternative?



Dear Michel,

Thanks for your quick response. Actually, my “histval” and “initval” statements are running exactly as those shown in Dynare manual. The problem of dealing with these statements is especially with