Windows vista-matlabR2007a dynare_v3 (URGENT!)

Hi all,

I do have a very important question. I do have windows vista installed on my computer. finally I have got the matlab new release which is compatible with vista. good thing it works. however dynare does not work.

When I try to run a mod file I type for example "dynare example1"
and the error is :

??? Undefined function or method ‘dynare’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.

I have set the dynare path on matlab correctly. Everything seems fine however it does not recognize dynare.

Could any of you know what to do about this? Or anyone else having a similar type or the same problem?

please help me out!!!


It is most likely a path problem. Do
which dynare
in Matlab

If yo don’t see the right dynare.m, you have a problem with the Matlab path



It works now.

Thanks a lot.