Why ‘ans = Empty state-space model’?

I defined a linear model in dynare(4.2.5),and the result was

[quote]ans =

Empty state-space model.[/quote]

. I don’t know how it happened. the .mod is in the attachment. Please help me .
ss.mod (5.54 KB)

First, correct the typos. There is a = missing after rhonistar. Also, stl_d_f should be stdl_d_f

Thank for pointing out my graphic error. In fact, I have correct them ,and the reason of this results from the name “ss”. I changed the name, and it worked. However, there always be another problem about the BK condition, like this:

I don’t know how to solve it. In my opinion, the paremeters in the model could not be wrong, so the model equtions must be changed. How will I change them? Any suggestions? I am not sure about it.
linesteadystate.mod (5.51 KB)