What is wrong with my DSGE model?

警告: 矩阵接近奇异值,或者缩放错误。结果可能不准确。RCOND = 2.036066e-33。

In dyn_first_order_solver (line 301)
In stochastic_solvers (line 267)
In resol (line 144)
In stoch_simul (line 89)
In rule2 (line 404)
In dynare (line 235)

My model is solved, but why is there an error? I am very incomprehensible and hope someone can solve this problem. Thank you in advance.

Without seeing the file, it is impossible to tell whether this warning indicates a problem.

rule2.zip (2.1 KB)
Now, I have upload my mode file! I hope to get your help.Sincerely thank you!

There is nothing immediately suspicious in your model. For now, I would ignore the warning.

OK,thanks for your time.