What is in Dr

I can tell ys is for steady state, an ghx, ghu are for transition matrixs for state variable and shocks. Then what are the other for?

In Dynare version 4, oo_.dr

                                      ys: steady state
                                  fbiais: useless
                           order_var: order of variables in the row of ghx 
                     inv_order_var: reversed order from above
                                nstatic: number of static variables
                                 npred: number of predetermined backward
                                           looking variables
                                kstate: matrix describing the construction of
                                           structural state representation 
                                           (D and E matrices)
                                    kad: column index in D matrix for auxiliary
                                    kae: column index in E matrix for auxiliary
                                 nboth: number of variables both forward looking                        
                                           and backward looking
                                 nfwrd: number of forward looking variables
                                nsfwrd: number of forward looking variables in
                                            structural state space representation
                                nspred: number of state variables in
                                            structural state space representation
transition_auxiliary_variables: indices of auxiliary variables in 
                                            transition matrix
                                 eigval: generalized eigenvalues of structural
                                            state representation
                                    ghx: matrix of effects of predetermined
                                            variables in linear solution
                                    ghu: matrix of effects of shocks in linear

Transition variables appear in model with lags on more than one period.