Weird IRFs

Hi all,
I have an extremely simple version of my model that I am trying to solve using dynare. When I input the equations in the standard way, I get an error for the Blanchard Kahn conditions not being satisfied (The model_diagnostics command doesn’t reveal anything). However, when I lag the entry condition(which is like an Euler equation in my model) by one period, I do get a solution and get some IRFs. However the IRFs are very weird- they cycle multiple times even though they eventually converge back to the steady state. I have attached both versions of my mod file- in the first BK conditions don’t hold and the second mod file attached generates funny IRFs. The steady states are correct as I used steady_state_model in dynare and double checked using fsolve in matlab. The variable N should be the only predetermined variable in the model.

I should add that I also tried inputting my model in levels (without exp) and also as a linear model after log-linearizing it by hand. But I get similar issues in all cases (in all cases, the model solves only if i lag the entry condition and generates very weird IRFs). However, I got the expected IRFs when I used the log-linearized version of my model in the Uhlig toolkit. Thus, I am very confused and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong in dynare. I would greatly appreciate any help.
File2.mod (1.21 KB)
File1.mod (1.21 KB)

This means you got some timing wrong and at least one variable does not conform to Dynare’s timing convention of predetermined variables being dated time t-1. The IRFs you get when lagging the entry condition follow from a complex eigenvalue you introduced. However, if the Uhlig code works, it should be straightforward to translate it to Dynare with the correct timing.