Varying Frequencies among Variables

Hello Dynare-Experts,

I am wondering whether there is way to circumvent the single-frequency framework of Dynare. I have an optimisation problem in mind, in which some variables can be chosen in each period but others only every second period. Let’s take for example capital, K, to be a variable which can only be chosen every second period. That would imply that in all even periods K is state variable and in all odd periods K is a controll variable.
Do you have an idea how to handle that? Maybe with some auxiliary variables?

Thanks in advance and best regards

I am not aware of a way to do this in Dynare. Basically, you are saying the problem is not time invariant as the current decisions depends on the time period in which you are (even or odd).
You might be able to define both problems separately via two value functions and link them recursively. But I would have to think a lot more about this. At least, it is not straightforward.

Hello Johannes, thanks for your reply. I will think about it.