Variance is NAN or zero

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Dear professor,
I am doing a two sector model with banks. The model could run now.However, when I want to use the variance of some variables, I found that the var in “oo” block is NAN or 0, I don’t know why, could you help me to solve it.Thanks.


Professor, I have checked the question on the forum. However, I don’t know where the problem of unit root comes from. I couldn’t find the problem, could you help to have a look at the code and solve the problem, Thanks.

You may have to start from a simpler model.

whether the unit root problem is correlated with the collinear problem? The Model -diagnosis tells me that the model has collinear problem.

Yes, unit roots show up as a collinearity in the static Jacobian. model_diagnostics indicates the equations and variables presumably involved. But those are still too many in your model to pinpoint the issue exactly. Hence my suggestion to simplify.