Using the dynare outcome

Hi, Guys:
I want to use something spit out by Dynare, but something confuses me. I am using Verson 4 now.

  1. I try to use the ghu and ghx matrices to compute the finite horizon variance decomposition, but the order of variables is weird.

    The order I input in the mod file is the following
    c_t lam_t h_t k_t z_t y_t gam_t a_t x_t r_t w_t rk_t

    The Alphabetic order of the variables in my mind should be:
    a_t c_t gam_t h_t lam_t k_t r_t rk_t w_t x_t y_t z_t

Interestingly, the order in ghx is the following:
lam_t h_t r_t w_t rk_t k_t gam_t a_t x_t c_t z_t y_t

It is neither an alphabetic order nor the way I order them, so why the variables are stacked in such a way ?

  1. Following Christiano (2002), the cannonical rational dynamic system can be wrtten as the following:

Is there some way to back out the alpha matrices and the beta matrices ?

Thanks for your response. I attched my code here. It is the simplest RBC model with two technology shocks on the growth rates.
rbcsimplest.mod (1.37 KB)

how do u find the order of matrix in dr_ghx??
it is really confused me?
thx very mcuh if u can help me:)

Please look at the reference manual, in the section about “stoch_simul”. Everything is explained in detail there.