Using load_mh_file

Dear Dynare,
If I wish the estimation (i.e. the MCMC) to continue from the last draw, then I understand well that this is the kind of estimation command I have to give>

estimation(datafile=us_euro_data, load_mh_file, mode_file = us_euro_m1_mode, mode_compute=0, mh_replic=100000,mh_jscale=0.15,presample=4);

In particular, load_mh_file should also be accompanied by “mode_file” - file created by the previous run - and mode_compute = 0 to avoid re-computing the mode?
Please note that the initial estimation used mode_compute = 6 with 40000 draws.
Is datafile necessary or should it be actually excluded from the command?



You should keep the estimation command the same and need to modify the options you want to change like mode_compute and mode_file.

Thanks!! :grinning: