Use fsolve to find steady state values

I am replicating a paper but i have trouble with steady state values.firstly,I use fsolve to get steady state values in Matlab,then log-linearizing around the steady state,and use dynare to solve model.
How to deal with the following problems ?

  1. fsolve can’t converge to a solution x.(exitflag=0 not 1), the the squared 2-norm of the residual is 10e-5 ,if i can’t use the “approximate steady state value”.
  2. how to limit the range of values ,eg. i want to get a positive value,but fsolve return a negative value.

I am not sure I understand the problem, but this suggests that you haven’t found the correct steady state of the underlying model in Matlab. Is there a reason you log-linearize by hand instead of using the nonlinear model in Dynare?