Use_calibration option

I was using the estimated_params_init(use_calibration) option in version 4.5.6 to initiate the parameter values in an estimation exercise…I have not used this option before.

Then I get the error

ERROR: The mode_file option of the estimation statement is incompatible with the use_calibration option of the estimated_params_init block.

This is a bit strange because I have not given a mode_file for the estimation! The mode file needs to be estimated and it is not saved yet!

The only difference from my usual syntax is that I set calibrated values in the shocks section as:

var epniid= std_epniid^2; 
var eptiid= std_eptiid^2; 
var ew= std_ew^2;     

such that the scalars std_ have been declared before in the mod file.

I wonder if anyone has encountered this problem with the use_calibration option.


Could you please provide me with the files.

Hi Johannes
I got it to work somehow. There was an estimation command earlier in the code - though within an if-end condition - which used the mode_file option, that was creating some problem. When I removed it , it worked.