Unexpected Error - Syntax Error, Unexpected Times

Can someone please help me with this error? I get this every time i run the code:

Starting Dynare (version 4.4.2).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
ERROR: model2.mod: line 69, col 39: syntax error, unexpected TIMES
model2.mod (2.43 KB)

Simply do what Dynare says and look at line 69, column 39 of your code. There you have

which is not correct syntax. It is either plus or times, but not both.

Thank you so much. I must have missed that! It now works, but now dynare says there are 31 equations and 35 endogenous variables and I really don’t understand which variable to drop. If I drop any endogenous variable, dynare then gives the error of “unknown symbol” for that particular variable.

Often, the problem rather is you are missing some equations. But your are the only one knowing your model. Hence, my standard advice is:
Given the size of your model, start from a stripped down easier version and make sure that one runs before expanding it again.

okay i’ll do that… Thanks alot.