Two-sector model, can't find the steady state

Dear all,

I construct a two-sector small open economy model, I write my model in levels and compute the steady state by hand. However, dynare always report that"The steadystate file did not compute the steady state", and the “Residuals of the static equations” refer to the labor supply FOC for both types of household. I have checked the FOC many times and don’t think it contains problem. And there is no timing problem because I don’t consider capital in the model.

Could you please help me check this problem? Thanks very much!
code.mod (5.6 KB)

Here attached the code.

You can execute the parameter definition and the steady_state_model-block as Matlab code with F9. You will see that

w =   0.9000
c_b =    0.1871
n_c_b =    0.2218
phi =   5.3500

Does not add up as the RHS is only 5.9222e-05