Tutorials, guides and setup instructions on YouTube

We have evaluated the results of Dynare’s user survey. One thing that came up frequently was a wish for more tutorials and examples on all the features Dynare offers. Albeit the manual covers most of it, it is a reference but not a user guide. Note that there is an outdated user guide which we do not support anymore, and which has also several errors in it.

So we decided that a milestone of Dynare 4.7 should be better documentation and a new user guide. I am quite thankful that Johannes Pfeifer took the lead here; however, I will also post and update my teaching materials as written tutorials as well as videos online. I hope this is useful.

I plan on providing guides and videos for the following:
[x] 4 methods to compute the steady state of a DSGE model in Dynare
[x] How to calibrate a DSGE model in Dynare (change_type)
[x] Running dynare in parallel on Windows, macOS, and Linux
[ ] install and run parallel dynare on our University cluster
[ ] install dynare from source on Windows, macOS, and Linux
[ ] introduction to dynare
[ ] Smets and Wouters (2007) with Dynare: analytical derivations, codes, simulation, and estimation
[ ] perturbation in Dynare: first-order, second-order, and higher-orders
[x] How to debug and report Dynare errors
[ ] how to dive into and understand Dynare’s source code
[ ] identification of DSGE parameters in Dynare
[ ] my dynare work flow using the macro language

You can find everything on a dedicated subpage: Dynare and on my YouTube Channel.

If you want a tutorial on a specific topic, please let me know via email or in this thread.

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Excellent. Thanks so much.