The rank condition ISN'T verified!

Dear Dynare users,

I have a problem with rank condition verification. Although I included all the jumpers into “predetermined_variables” block, the problem still appears.

Can you give me some advise: whether I have bad parameters values? whether I have some exogeneously given variables? or is there another problem? (I see from model diagnostics that there are no collinear equations in the model.)

Thank you.
model.txt (5.54 KB)

Your model is too complex and no blatant mistakes are obvious. Hence, just the standard advice: You should start from a simple model that runs and then expand it step-by-step.
By tbe way: you meant “all non-jumpers into “predetermined_variables” block”, right?

jpfeifer, thank you for your response!"all non-jumpers into “predetermined_variables” - that what I meant. (it was a mistake)

I just wanted to be sure, that the problem arises from the model itself (from wrong equations etc.) Because when I change the value of ER (which is a world interest rate) the mistake message changes.

That’s why I think that the problem is of a technical character, not from economic one.

What is the message when you change it? Note also that this might be an indication that the problem is related to that part of the model.