The question about the Ramsey FOC Compute

I use the Andrew T. Levin 2005, 2006 code to compute the Ramsey FOC.Although there is no problem with this original model,it meet some questions after i modify this original model in the readme_get_ramsey.pdf.I guess it can not solve the medium model because it’s old.There may be a better solution, look forward to your answer.

Thank you very much for your help.
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model.mod (11.2 KB)
Windows Command:

infilename = ‘model’
infilename =
outfilename= ‘yyy’
outfilename =
// Monetary Policy Rule
Note: 1 policy rules declared in model file
Wrong use syms> getnames (line 95)
Not a valid variable name
Wrong syms (line 59)
[Vars, funs, control] = getnames (varargin);
Error dynmod2sym (line 418)
Eval (‘syms’, parstring, ‘;’]);
Error get_ramsey (line 22)
Dynmod2sym; (22.5 KB)
readme_get_ramsey.pdf (8.27 KB)

Sorry, but we do only provide support for Dynare, not old and external packages.